I have worked with several lenders during my nine years in the real estate business. None have been more professional and have thought “outside of the box” more to earn my and my clients trust and business than Ashley McKenzie-Sharpe. I call her “The Magic Woman” because she is relentless in searching for ways to help the client realize their dream of owning a home. Where she excels above other lenders is in her customer service and communication skills. And it is very comforting that Fairway always closes their loans on time. Selfishly, I use Ashley because Ashley makes me look good!

I moved to North Carolina from New York three years ago and rented. I wanted to get to know the area before purchasing a home. My Realtor, Kevin Miner came off a referral from a relative in New York. Kevin then referred me to Ashley Mackenzie-Sharp with Fairway Mortgage. I was extremely skeptical and refused to talk to her. I went to a different financial institution which was the worst mistake of my life – You can’t fix stupid.

Reluctantly I took Kevin’s advice and called Ashley. I have a real estate background. My current profession includes mortgage fraud (I come in contact with a lot of people over a multitude of states doing my job that lie to me on a regular basis); but I never told Ashley or Kevin (until the closing) b/c I wanted to see how professional, honest and knowledgeable they were.

The first time I met with Ashley Mackenzie-Sharpe the first thing I noticed was her bubbly attitude and she had eyes that bedazzled (I believe eyes are the window to the soul). She also had an honesty that shined straight from her core; and at that point I knew whether I sat in person with her or communicated in other forms that I was in good hands.

Buying a home is probably the most valuable and expensive purchase any one of us will ever make in our lifetime. Ashley is very knowledgeable in her profession and very genuine. She kept me updated every step of the way. My attitude could make a Priest want to be committed yet she dealt with me in the most professional manner. She dealt with my warped sense of humor, my anal retentive attitude and my skepticism always with a warmth that comes from a person who does their job because they like what they do and are good at what they do.

I know Ashley went out of her way to make sure my home buying experience was stress-free. Being a great Loan Officer is awesome in of itself but there has to be a connection beyond that and I would refer anyone to her. I don’t sugar coat so if you want a great buying experience there is not better people to choose then Ashley Mackenzie-Sharpe with Fairway Mortgage and Kevin Miner with ReMax.
– Kim S.

Thank you so much for your help to get my New home. Jennifer Kaydas was also very professional and as I told her before, I really apreciate your help during this process which was a journey with a very happy ending.
Definitely I will recommend you guys.
– Elizabeth T.

As a first time home buyer I was completely clueless, scared, and excited. This is considered to be one of the most stressful things you will go through in life and it was nice to have people who understood and could walk you through the process with ease. Everything Ashley (Sr. Loan Officer) and Jennifer (Assistant) said would happen, happened. They were both there from start to finish answering any of my questions, and calming my anxiety as a first time buyer in a timely manner. They exceeded all expectations and I truly appreciated their positive energy and upbeat spirits.

Have a Great Day!!!!
– Ashley W.